Field Reporting Forms

Combining your knowledge of the equipment with technology and an efficient process, Customer Assurance can improve your jobsite productivity.

Using our mobile based tools which are intended to limit your effort by limiting the required fields based on the type of report you are filling, you will successfully submit a Field Report on your first attempt and will be just a phone call away from our team’s support

This form will aid in determining issues causing communication errors. Please complete every detail of this form. At the end if you still have questions click submit and a Tech Support rep will reach out to you.

Use this form to report a refrigerant leak. This is mandatory for new equipment or for labor and/or material concession requests. A minimum of 1 video and 1 photo is required and MUST SHOW BUBBLES.


IMPORTANT: Prior to scheduling a site visit an effort must be made to resolve the problem by the dealer’s service technician/service manager by visiting the site and gathering the necessary diagnostic information. The dealer’s technician must telephone the Carrier/Bryant Distributor Service Representative at 1-800-486-0550 Option 4 from the jobsite and describe the problem in detail.

Use this form to report a DOA Compressor (less than 30 days from startup) and receive DOA Exchange authorization.

Use this form to complete the analysis of a residential split system in cooling mode. This is required prior to scheduling a site visit with the Customer Assurance Team.

This is to help improve quality by reporting issues that Carrier/Bryant/Payne or any 3rd party vendor might have and you would like us to help report the issue to them. Remember Pictures help, Video is better. Examples might be – Lose insulation, fan blade fell off, hidden/concealed damage, missing parts, incorrect part inside box, used part received in new box, etc.

This form is used when replacing a VFD in a small/medium TC series rooftop unit

General Policy: This warranty allows for a ONE-TIME replacement of the original unit to the ORIGINAL purchaser – See Warranty Certificate. The unit replacement warranty period is 5 years. If properly registered within 90 days of original installation (except in California and Quebec and other jurisdictions that prohibit warranty benefits conditioned on registration), the unit replacement warranty period is 10 years. Replacement units are covered by the remaining warranty period of the original unit that was replaced. Coverage applies for multi-family applications.

This form is for a dealer to request startup assistance for a replacement or new construction job. Please complete all information pertinent to the job with all details.

*****  Please note that this form must be received a minimum of 48 hours prior to the requested time. Assistance is based on Customer Assurance availability and is on a “first come, first serve basis”. *****

CVPMA Data Collection Form

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