24VNA6/25VNA4 & 186CNV/284ANV Compressor Failure – SMB20-0013

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General Policy: This warranty allows for a ONE-TIME replacement of the original unit to the ORIGINAL purchaser – See Warranty Certificate. The unit replacement warranty period is 5 years. If properly registered within 90 days of original installation (except in California and Quebec and other jurisdictions that prohibit warranty benefits conditioned on registration), the unit replacement warranty period is 10 years. Replacement units are covered by the remaining warranty period of the original unit that was replaced. Coverage applies for multi-family applications. Policy: If an eligible unit is within the Limited Unit Replacement Warranty coverage period and experiences a qualifying failure in its compressor, Carrier/Bryant will provide an appropriate replacement unit at no charge and $300 in labor.

Qualifying Replacement Units:

The intent of this policy is that the replacement unit should have characteristics equal to or, in limited circumstances, better than those of the failed unit. In general, an acceptable replacement unit is one with the same size, efficiency, refrigerant, and other significant characteristics as those of the failed unit. If a significant feature is no longer available, then the next best feature is allowed. The distributor should contact their Carrier/Bryant TSM for authorization to use a replacement unit with significant characteristics different from those of the failed unit.

Qualifying Failures:

Failures caused by “exclusions” discussed in the Carrier/Bryant Limited Warranty Certificate do NOT qualify for the Limited Unit Replacement Warranty coverage. Compressor failures are defined as failures causing internal electrical failure or internal mechanical failure resulting in no compressor operation. Other component failures that only render the compressor noisy or temporarily inoperative do not constitute compressor failure. The matching indoor coil must utilize a non-bleed TXV refrigerant metering device. The supplied filter-drier must be installed per the installation instructions.

Disposition of Failed Units:

Failed units removed under this policy will need to be held at Distribution for 30 Days after claim paid date for potential RMA return or audit.

Units that are audited and found to have failure modes outside of the Limited Unit Replacement Warranty coverage will be charged back to the distributor.

Warranty Claims:

To receive credit for a Limited Unit Replacement Warranty claim, the distributor must properly complete a Service Bench® warranty claim and attach the completed compressor evaluation form (Attachment 1) to the claim.

Incomplete, inaccurate, or ineligible submissions will cause the claim to be rejected or put on hold until correct information is provided. Claims that have not been corrected within 90 days will be rejected and no further consideration of the claim will be allowed.

Evaluation Forms:

Evaluation forms for compressors are provided in Attachment 1. This should be completed by the servicer before the unit is removed. Authorized approvers of evaluation forms are DSMs (Distributor Service Managers).

DSM authorized evaluation forms should be attached to the Service Bench® Claim. The DSM must provide their approval and comments in the Service Bench® Claim or the approval and comments can be attached using the approval form below. It is also acceptable for the DSM to note their approval in the comments area of the Service Bench® Claim and provide the Gateway case number that contains additional detail on the failure. Claims not in compliance will be reversed.


Be sure to REMOVE THE NAMEPLATE from the unit and attach it to the last page of the Evaluation form.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.

Compressor Evaluation Form

This form is to be completed by the on-site technician whenever a request for unit replacement is made. A Distributor Service Manager (DSM) is authorized to sign and approve the replacement unit.

Proof of Compressor Electrical Failure

Defined as Compressor windings electrically open, shorted to ground or winding resistance measurements are not correct.

Important Note: Prior to testing the compressor, disconnect all electrical power to system, including indoor and outdoor power sources.

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Compressor Winding Resistance Information

Measure compressor winding resistance with an Ohm Meter. With the line voltage power turned off, start by removing the Yellow, Red and Black wires at the VFD. Then list each measurement reading above. If the three wires do not show to be the same resistance (Ohms) retake the measurements at the compressor pins, with the Yellow, Red and Black wires removed. This will verify if the problem is internal to the compressor

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