CE South Central Site Visit Request Form

Please read before completing this site visit request form

IMPORTANT: Prior to scheduling a site visit an effort must be made to resolve the problem by the dealer’s service technician/service manager by visiting the site and gathering the necessary diagnostic information. The dealer’s technician must telephone the Carrier/Bryant Distributor Service Representative at 1-800-486-0550 Option 4 from the jobsite and describe the problem in detail. The service technician must perform the steps that the Distributor Service Representative requests during telephone call.

System Technical Support Request Form

We recommend completing the “System Technical Support Request Form” prior to a site visit. In most cases this form can help in finding setup or operational deficiencies. This form will only apply to residential split systems installed either residentially or commercially. This form is not a requirement but is heavily recommended, this form can also be utilized for everyday troubleshooting a system if needed.


There is a $300.00 per system fee for any jobsite visit requested. For those Customers who have charge accounts with CE, a purchase order (PO) will need to be issued in the amount of $300.00 per system at the time of scheduling the site visit or job inspection. COD Customers will need to contact a store, or call Customer Service and pre-pay the $300.00 per system fee for the site visit in advance of scheduling, and will need to provide the invoice number when requesting the site visit or job inspection.


While performing the site visit or job inspection, should the Customer Assurance Manager find that the problem is due to a manufacturing defect, the $300 fee will be credited back to the account or credit card. If you have made payment by check or cash, you will receive a full refund after due processing. If the issue is related only to Unapproved Application, Improper Installation, Incorrect Startup Practices, Unapproved Usage, a or Lack of Maintenance no fees will be refunded.
If you have been working with a specific technical support representative on this job select their name from the list below. If not select “Group”.

Dealer information

Customers without an account number use account #991122
If “No” please select the proper form on the confirmation page and complete it in order for the site visit to be performed.

Job Site Information

Equipment Information

Scheduling Options

IMPORTANT! Dealer Service Manager and/or Owner must be present during any and all job site visits. A technician with all necessary tools and proper technical expertise must also be present as we provide diagnostic assistance ONLY!

If the dealer service manager or owner is not present the site visit fee will not be refunded regardless of findings.

Failure of the Technician and Service Manager to appear within 30 minutes of the scheduled time will result in forfeiture of the site visit fee(s) and the visit will require rescheduling.

Rescheduling for a future time or date without a minimum of 24 hours notice will require the site visit fee(s) to be paid again.
Provide a number or reference text here for billing even if your account is a cash account. This will provide a reference number for this request.
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